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Dr. Karina Mattaliano, Dr. Youssef Salaleh and their team will gladly welcome you to the clinic and offer you quality service. We listen to your oral health needs and questions! For both children and adults, your well-being is at the heart of our concerns. We hope your experience at Karina Mattaliano Dental Center is a meaningful exchange! If we have the power to give you a smile, you have the power to fill us with joy!

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Implantology dentistry

General Dental

Specialties include examination, tartar removal, polishing, fillings and sealants. We offer regular follow-up and preventive care to prevent oral diseases and ensure that you maintain optimal dental health.

Cosmectic Dentistry

This process, which uses carbamide peroxide, allows lightening enamel and dentine colouration. Teeth whitening is a procedure which has been used for some time in cosmetic dentistry.

Crown and Bridge

A crown is used to restore a very damaged tooth or one that is weakened by cavities, breaks or cracks. It also allows changing the shape, colour, alignment or length of a tooth, which will first be trimmed, …


Periodontics is a dentistry specialty that allows treating tooth support tissues: gums, bones, etc. Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues that may also affect a tooth’s bone support. This disease is…

Implantology dentistry

A dental implant is an artificial titanium root which has the property of being able to naturally merge with existing bone (osseointegration). A dental implant is like the root of a tooth, supporting it and stimulating…

Our dentists

Our dentists and hygienists practise dentistry with the passion and expertise of true smile artisans, and provide custom care, while always seeking your satisfaction and optimal dental health.


Dre. Karina Mattaliano

Dentist Owner

Dr. Youssef Salaleh

Associate dentist